Best Nephrology Hospital in India for International Travelers

India is the fastest developing nation in the world and our ever-growing population has managed to create some great medical minds of history and has begun to offer the best and treatment to the whole world.

Why Suddenly India?

The west has definitely progressed in the medical field with excellence and speed, but India with its traditional medicine like Ayurveda has done wonders to the world pushing India into becoming a medical hub for international travelers. Of course, the affordable prices of the medical services along with good results definitely helps.

Best Nephrology Hospital in Mumbai, India

One major field that has progressed beyond all is the field of Nephrology. The rise of morbid diseases like diabetes has put a lot of people into health risks making this field extensive and efficient for any cure.

Nephrology treatment in India has gained momentum because of its successful results in curing patients. India as a medical platform has raised its bar opening doors to excellent doctors around the world. If we take Mumbai for example, the Apollo is regarded as the best nephrology and urology center in Mumbai and across India evenly for its revolutionized techniques and advanced state of art machines.

Best nephrology hospital in India:

Even though India has quite a few specialty hospitals for Nephrology like Fortis, Medanta, NU (West) among others, but Apollo Hospitals certainly a notch above the rest when it comes to nephrology and Urology care.

What makes Apollo different?

Apollo group of hospitals has always garnered mixed reviews but when it comes to the Nephrology department, it can be said that Apollo is the Best nephrology hospital in India.

The team is a highly dedicated group of doctors who believe in experience and science and uses the conspicuous ‘da Vinci® robotic surgical system’ for invasive kidney surgeries.

What are they good at?

Apollo hospitals look after all aspects of kidney care like the ones mentioned below:

  • Kidney Biopsies
  • Haemodialysis
  • Peritoneal Dialysis
  • Kidney and bladder stones
  • Kidney related cancer care
  • Endo-urology
  • Laparoscopic urological surgeries

Other hospitals across India, mentioned above also provide excellent kidney critical care but the adoption of new techniques and the world with world-class facilities like accommodation and food, this hospital knows how to care for the patients. This hospital is holy ground for many brilliant doctors who come here to treat and observe the various cases. This works in favor of the people who come from far to seek specialized consultation. The experience is what makes this hospital the Best nephrology hospital in India.

Apollo information center:

Apollo is one of the biggest and the best hospitals across India and has been providing personal and medical care for a very long time. With time, the innovation of advanced technology has only made this hospital even better.

What does it do?

The Apollo information center not only attends to patients from a number of countries but also gives undivided attention to each individual in all aspects of their treatment like their accommodation, staying alternatives, international insurance providers, medical history, etc, making a smooth transition into their treatment.

Core values:

Apollo information centre believes in instilling confidence in patients for their journey ahead. It believes in making the hospital, ‘a home away from home’ is what motivates this center to keep up the good work.

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