Step 8

Connect with your local physician as well as update us on your medical condition and medical records for continuing care.

Step 7

Tourism option: Stay for sightseeing of the environs or depart home.

Step 5

Patient to share their air tickets with us and complimentary airport transfers will be arranged from airport to hospital. There after we book appointments with Apollo Hospital doctor.

Step 4

In case you decide to travel, you will send copies of passport for patient and attendant. We will issue invitation letter and guide you for getting medical visa.

Step 3

Apollo Hospital doctor will provide treatment options based on your medical reports, cost and duration of stay at Apollo hospitals. We also organize conference calls between yourself and Apollo consultant to ensure that you have well understood all treatment.

Step 2

The appointed case manager is the one to take your query forward. He/she will be available twenty four seven over phone/WhatsApp/Viber. The case manager will understand your needs and requirements, collect all relevant medical documents electronically and forward to Apollo Hospital consultant.

Step 1

Contact Apollo Hospital Information Centre. Our Case management team responds within 24 hours.