Best Multispeciality Hospital in Mumbai,India

Top Ranking and Multi Specialities Hospitals in Mumbai

Hospitals and medical services are getting highly advanced today. Today the number of multi specialties hospitals is coming up on a regular basis. Top ranking hospitals ensure they use advanced technology and equipment.

Top ranking facilities offer multiple treatments under the same roof. This is a single factor that proves beneficial for patents.

  • Multi facility hospitals provide all types of treatment and care facilities for patents.
  • The services are well equipped with state of the art health care services and faculties.
  • Top ranking hospitals ensure that patients may not have to move to another hospital or health care center for any treatment.
  • These facilities can be used by patients 24×7.

So, when speaking of top-ranking multi specialties hospitals in Mumbai, the list is really big. There are many hospitals that have been rated for their health care treatments and facilities. Here you will find top listed hospitals known for their excellent health care services.

1. Apollo Hospital

Apollo Hospital is located in New Mumbai (Navi Mumbai) area and is one of the top multi-specialty hospitals in Mumbai. The hospital offers all types of Tertiary and Intensive care facilities to patients. It is also one of the top-rated hospitals in Maharashtra that offers medical services to Both Local and International patients.

The hospital facility is the most preferred option for severe conditions treatment related to Bariatric surgery, and all types of Cardio surgery.

2. Nanavati Hospital

Ever since the 1950’s when it was inaugurated by Late PM Jawahar Lal Nehru, Nanavati hospital has been known to provide with excellent services for all medical conditions. The hospital is also on top of the list for providing internally acclaimed health care services.

Health care treatments offered by Nanavati are rated as exemplary, both nationally and internationally. The hospital offers health services for over 350 bedded patients and houses over hundreds of resident doctors and professionals.

It is also highly rated for its state of the art medical facilities and advanced equipment within the medical field.

3. Fortis Hospital

If you are in the Mulund area of Mumbai, then you can access health care services at Fortis hospital. It is highly rated for offering treatment specialties in cardiac surgery, Orthopedics, Urology, Nephrology, and Neuroscience.

The hospital, on a regular basis, recruits medical professionals from India and abroad. It also offers treatment to patients from all over the world. Its multi specialties include advanced testing labs, heart transplant facilities, advanced blood bank services and much more.

4. Wockhardt Hospital

This is one of the most advanced and multi specialties hospitals located in Central Mumbai. The hospital facilities are well equipped to offer patients with all types of treatments and health care. The surgical department is well equipped with facilities to perform all types of surgeries on time.

The hospital is also provided with a special emergency ward where eight or more emergency cases can be treated and operated at the same time. It offers facilities to monitor hundreds of critical care patients at the same time.

For normal patients, the hospital has facilities to admit over 350 patients where they are observed round the clock by specially trained nursing staff. It has also been rated as one of its types of wireless hospital services in the country.

5. Seven Hills Hospital

It is one of the most advanced and ultra-modern hospitals in Mumbai. You may find that the infrastructure is highly advanced and state of the art facilities. The hospital also maintains its highly qualified health care staff, for emergency and non-emergency services.

When in Mumbai, you may find many other hospitals that are highly rated for providing Multi specialties services to patients.

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