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Best Neurologist Surgeon Hospital for Neurological Disorders in India

The Apollo Institutes of Neurosciences are equipped to treat the entire range of Neurological diseases. Trans-sphenoidal surgery for pituitary tumors, spinal fusions, X-Knife for fractioned treatment of benign and malignant tumours (Stereo Tactic Radiotherapy) and many more cutting edge treatments make Apollo Hospitals a leader in Neurosurgical care.

Ably supported by modern Neuro-Radiology services, Neuro-Intensive Care facilities as well as Medical and Radiation Oncology services, Neurological specialists at Apollo Hospitals achieve outcomes matching those of the leading institutions across the globe.

Apollo Hospital is the most trusted Neurology Hospital in India, has a team of best Neurologist Surgeons offering medical tourism services to international travelers in India. A neurologist treats neurological disease and neurological disorders of the nervous system. Contact us now for an appointment.

Best Neurology Hospital India Top Neurologist Surgeon