What Our Patients Say

Ms. Sylvia Moses, from Nairobi, Kenya visited Apollo Health City, Jubliee Hills, Hyderabad, to get her mother Mrs. Lucy Sipando Ntayia treated for Thymoma, a big tumor stuck to her mother’s heart. Dr. T.P.S Bhandari, Surgical Oncologist at Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad operated her. Listen about her mother’s experience and quick recovery at Apollo Hospitals.

Ms. Sylvia Moses

Mr. Waiguru had been suffering from headaches for a long time. He was taking medicines but they were not effective enough. On diagnosis, he was detected with Aneurysm. Mrs. Waiguru got them in touch with Apollo Information Centre. Apollo Information Centre counselled the Waiguru couple and took care of all the travel needs to India for a successful treatment at Apollo Hospitals. After reaching India, Mr. Waiguru went through with tests on the first day. Without any delay, next day surgery was scheduled. The team of doctors and nurses at Apollo Hospitals provided confidence to Mr. Waiguru. Apollo Hospitals was very positive for the success of the surgery. As expected, Mr. Waiguru had a very successful operation. Apollo Information Centre has made the journey for Mr. & Mrs. Waiguru safe and secure before, throughout and after the treatment.

Mr. Waiguru

My names are Jackson Mwangi Kamau, a Kenyan citizen. I live in Kiambu County and am married. I have two kids; a boy and a girl. My son’s name is Jeff Kamau Mwangi. My daughter’s name is Tiphan Lucy Murugi. My son has been suffering from convulsion as a result of some brain tumor growing around the brain. And I came to learn about Apollo Hospital through a friend. After visiting the exhibition at KICC (Kenyatta International Conference Centre), I came to learn more about their Apollo Information Centre in Nairobi whereby I was able to get more information. And…. When I went to Apollo … they gave him a thorough check up. The hospital helped me to get the Indian visa. After acquiring all the documents, I travelled to Apollo Ahmedabad. I had a welled reception whereby I was met by one of the officials from the hospital who facilitated me and transported me from airport to hospital. I got nice reception at the hospital and treatment was ok. Everything was ok I can’t complain anything about Apollo. But he is doing well because nowadays he doesn’t get more convulsions than before. So there was a change. While in Kenya we have gone to very many hospitals and the treatment was just the same. There was no change but after we visited India the convulsions reduced. I was very amazed by their services because at one time, the boy collapsed. The boy got convulsed and almost the whole hospital responded because they called through their microphones and loud speakers were all over the hospital. The response was about 30 to 40 doctors came with their bags and everything. So they were ready to assist the boy and also in their investigative part of their primary; I was so amazed because the machines…… everything was high tech. they had very good doctors and they have also very good machinery. I can say the condition have improved since then. We hope the problem as the doctor said that one day it will be a gone case. The boy is 12 years now and he is doing fine. They really helped me because I got my visa so easily. There was so good communication and it took less time than expected.

Mr. Jackson Mwangi