Dr. vijay-yewale

Dr. Vijay Yewale

Dr. Vijay Yewale, MBBS, MD, DCH, is a Consultant Pediatrician at Apollo Hospitals, Navi Mumbai. He has more than 28 years of experience in the field of Paediatrics and is currently heading the Paediatrics Centre in Apollo Hospitals, Navi Mumbai.

His special interest lies in Paedaitric Infectious Diseases and Immunization. Dr. Vijay Yewale is experienced in handling newborns and pre-terms. He excels in managing Paediatric and Neonatal Intensive Care.

Dr. Vijay Yewale has been conferred with Awards and Accolades, like:

  • Special Award for work for Antimicrobial Resistance at the hands of Health Minister Shri J. P. Nadda
  • Honoured with Late P. M. Udani Oration at IAP Maharashtra State Conference
  • Recipient of several other orations in the names of Stalwarts in the field of Paediatrics

He has several Research and Publications listed under his name. He has been the editor of several books & journals and has been a part of various scientific publications and researches.

Dr. Vijay Yewale has been the president of the Indian Academy of Paediatrics, the association of over 25,000 Paediatricians of the country. Apart from it he holds various Certifications & Professional Memberships, like:

  • President, Indian Academy of Pediatrics
  • Chairperson, IAP Infectious Diseases Chapter
  • Chairperson, IAP Advisory Committee on Vaccination and Immunization Practices (ACVIP).
  • Member of Indian Medical Association
  • Member of Association of Consultants of Mumbai
  • Member of National Neonatology Forum