Applications of Machine Learning in Healthcare

Machine learning is Redefining Healthcare

Among the technocrats, AI is the most frequently used term. Undoubtedly, it mimics human intelligence. Machine Learning (ML) is a branch of AI that is bringing a radical shift in the way things used to exist in the world.

current world is becoming extremely health conscious as life
expectancy grows.

medical tourism companies in India

India As A Hub Of Medical Tourism

Indian healthcare facilities and hospitality are highly responsible
for making medical tourism of India popular. India is on an
international map and a one-stop country for all those that want
affordable and quality healthcare facilities.

On the other hand, many of the international patients even prefer combining their relaxation and leisure visit to India for good healthcare.

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Safer Spinal Surgery at Apollo Hospital

The spine is one of the most sensitive parts of the body. Any damage caused to the spine, whether because of the accident, an injury or some other reason may call for surgery.

Only the most experienced hands, with complete knowhow of the spine, can perform this surgery. Slightest of misconduct may lead to severe damage to the patient’s functioning and put the patient’s life to risk.

Robotic heart surgery in India

Robotic Surgery in India

Robotic Surgery is certainly a revolutionary advancement in the field of medicine and India is a prominent country to obtain it. In this, a computer mechanism directs robots to carry out surgeries by incorporating each and every movement of the surgeon. This method is less invasive than conventional surgeries.

The Renaissance Robotic Technology is the only technology specifically designed for spine surgery and the Apollo Hospitals Group is the first in Asia-Pacific to offer this surgical guidance system.

Healthcare tourism in India

Medical Tourism in India at Economical Price

Medical Tourism extends patients the benefit to obtain treatment in any part of the world. It is equally pertinent for Hospitals to provide international patients – world-class medical assistance. The team of medical supervisors and experts at Apollo Hospitals “brings healthcare of International standards within the reach of every individual” and extends its proficiency to every patient.