Best Robotic Surgery Hospital in India

Best Robotic Surgery Hospital in India

AI in the healthcare sector has changed the complete dynamics of the treatment landscape. ML models have been deployed in various aspects of the healthcare sector that include disease diagnosis, medical imaging diagnosis and manufacturing new drugs.

However, the best thing that has really changed the world is the robotics surgery. Through this minimally invasive method, now surgeries can take place quickly with ultimate precision. There are many hospitals in India but here is the information about a few best hospitals.

Fortis Hospital:

Fortis hospital is India’s one of the leading hospitals that operate in major cities like Delhi and Mumbai. It has advanced robotics surgery devices to give precision surgical treatment to the patients.

The hospital has a legacy and it thrives to maintain its legacy by making advanced treatment available.

Apollo Hospitals:

This is also one of the top-rated hospitals in India that has hospitals in almost all cities. From Tier I to Tier-II cities, you can find Apollo Hospital at every corner of the country.

The hospital deployed smart robotics for various treatments that includes Prostate, Kidney Cancer, Bladder, Congenital Defects, and many other medical conditions.

This is the first-ever hospital in the Asia Pacific to deploy Renaissance Robotic Technology, which is a state-of-the-art robotics spine surgical system that is a minimally invasive surgical tool without any serious radiation.

Kokilaben Hospital, Mumbai:

The hospital is well known in Mumbai and it is considered to be one of the best hospitals in India for robotics surgery. It has recently had some highly successful cases and people looking for robotics surgery should trust this hospital. Given the background of the hospital from where it hails, it can be easily said that they can afford the latest technology.

AIIMS, Delhi:

It was the year 2010 when the first robotics-assisted surgery took place in India and that happened in AIIMS Delhi. Being the premier government hospital in the country, this hospital is something that you should be looking for.

The above-mentioned hospitals are the best robotics surgery hospitals in the country. However, the list is not the end of all the lists. In fact, there are other hospitals like Lilavati where you can find robot-assisted surgeries being carried out.

However, you need to be a little more curious and inquisitive while trying to learn about robotics synergy hospitals. Here are the things that might help you in dealing with hospitals.

  • Before you settle down with one, you should run a thorough search to find a good robotics surgery hospital.
  • You must look at the kinds of ailments and medical conditions that deal using robot-assisted surgery.
  • You should and must look at the success rate. This is to ensure that you are going with a sense of confidence.
  • Finally, it would be wise to consult experts before planning a robotic surgery. You must know whether the patient is eligible for the surgery or not before making any decisions.

Indian medical and healthcare industries have changed drastically. In recent times, medical tourism has witnessed robust growth more and more overseas patients fly to the country for the treatment. Undoubtedly, it is a great destination for this purpose because you can get the treatment at a good cost too.

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