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Apollo Hospitals launches online clinical opinion service for cancer patients

The Apollo Hospitals Group announced the launch of a unique online cancer opinion service for patients and those seeking medical opinion on cancer from its specialists. Through this service, patients anywhere in the world can login to the Apollo Cancer Opinion website at, upload their medical reports and have their cases reviewed by best oncologists in Asia across Apollo Hospitals network.

With its large network of 71 hospitals, and seven comprehensive cancer centers, Apollo aims to provide patients the best possible treatment plans keeping in mind the latest cancer research, before providing cutting edge treatments at its cancer centers. Given the criticality of getting the correct treatment at the right time, which can often be stressful and time consuming, the Apollo Cancer Opinion service will simplify the process by providing detailed treatment plans to patients who then can be better prepared and informed on their treatment modality, length of stay and overall prognosis.

This initiative by Apollo Hospitals is a patient-centric service that gives patients the option to consult the best oncologists in Asia at their convenience. Through Apollo Cancer Opinion, a patient can get personalised treatment plans that include knowing whether surgery, chemotherapy or radiation therapy is an option. The treatment plan includes complete details of the patient-specific regimen most suitable at that time given all considerations especially patient preferencesCommenting on the launch, Dr Preetha Reddy, Executive Vice Chairperson, Apollo Hospitals Group said, “Through the Apollo Cancer Opinion service, we continue Apollo’s legacy of setting industry benchmarks and contributing to elevate the standard of healthcare to global levels.

Through this revolutionising personalised cancer care service, we bring together technology with the best clinical minds in the country for patients seeking advice. ”This service eliminates the hassles of travelling to the clinic or hospital and waiting in queues. Patients can receive their treatment plan, and then make an appointment to receive that treatment at their nearest Apollo Hospital all through an online and secure service.”Apollo Hospitals Group Founder Chairman Dr Prathap C Reddy said, “Given the rising incidence and prevalence of cancer, it is critical that patients have complete clarity and timely information at hand so that they can take informed decisions to beat this burden of disease.

Through this service I am confident that we can help in ensuring that the right treatment for any patient starts quickly and most appropriately. Cancer is conquerable, it needs the collective will and collaboration of patients and providers and the use of technology to make this happen.”To learn more about ‘Apollo Cancer Opinion’, patients or caregivers can log in onto and avail the ‘Apollo Cancer Opinion’ services, according to official statement here on Friday.

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