best hospital for brain tumor surgery in Delhi India

Best Brain Tumor Surgery Hospital in India

The brain-related ailments in India have increased over the years. Especially brain tumors; around 5 lakh people in India are affected every year. The shocking fact is out of the total brain tumor patients, 2500 patients are children. Doctors from Apollo Hospital state that, if a brain tumor is diagnosed early, roughly 90% of the cases can be cured.

Proper Treatment – A Right Denied:

Another startling information is brain tumor is the second most common cancer sickness that affects the children after Leukaemia. This requires proper care and treatment and only 6% of the entire patients get the correct and proper treatment till date. The reasons for no proper treatment of brain tumors are as follows.

  • No Proper Facilities in the hospitals for the treatment.
  • Highly expensive treatments make the patients not get admitted in the hospitals.
  • At times, a Brain tumor is wrongly diagnosed for migraines or other sicknesses.
  • Lack of Experienced Doctors.

The medical facilities in India have developed, however, there are only a few hospitals that are fully equipped to treat brain tumors. The best hospital for brain tumor surgery in India is the Apollo Hospital.

Highly Qualified Doctors:

Effective treatment is offered through skilled doctors. The team of professional doctors for such cancers becomes an asset to the hospital. The diagnosis of a brain tumor becomes crucial as it is to be done as fast as possible. Not only that, but quick decisions on the type of treatment based on the tumor should also be fast enough to save the patient.

The doctors at the hospital check with the common symptoms of a brain tumor. It may vary from adults to children. But most of the symptoms are similar. The common complaints from the patients will be headaches – usually in the morning, at times vomiting, few patients may complain of loss of balance and vision challenges and much more.

Top Class Infrastructure:

Bringing all the symptoms together and also using the high-quality testing equipment to confirm it as a brain tumor needs a skilled workforce. This hospital provides the impeccable infrastructure for the patients’ safety.

Most brain tumor cases are curable if identified in the early stage. Stage – I brain tumor, in most of the cases are cured. Stage – II is slightly complex, but curable as the tissue spread is slower compared to Stage III & IV. Stage – III and IV are most of the time catastrophic. The important factor or treatment and life expectancy lie not only on the stages but also on which part of the brain the tumor has actually formed.

The normal prescribed way of cure is surgery and radiation therapy. At times both are employed for treatment and cure. Being the best hospital for brain tumor surgery in Delhi, they have a team of experts to decide the type of treatment to be offered to the patient. Of course, to take a decision on the surgery the doctors also require the support of neurosurgeons, neurologists and at times oncologists too. Normal life is guaranteed to patients who are diagnosed with a brain tumor. There have been incidences that the patients who were admitted for treatment lived for many years after happily.

Disclaimer – This post is meant to create awareness about a treatment. This post is not meant to diagnose, treat or cure any disease.

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