Dr. Srinivas Chilukuri DR. ARI G. CHACKO visited Apollo Hospitals Info Centre nairobi kenya

Dr. Ari Chacko & Dr. Srinivasan Chilukuri’s visit to Apollo Hospitals Information center in Nairobi, Kenya

Dr. Ari Chacko, Senior Neurosurgeon & Dr. Srinivas Chilukuri senior Radiation Oncologist visited Apollo Hospitals information center (AIC) offices at Nairobi, Kenya. During their visit to the AIC office, Both doctors met AIC director Ms. Margaret Kanini Kariche & AIC staff & discussed about Kenyans seeking medical help at Apollo hospitals group, latest technology advances at Apollo Hospitals & how Kenyan patients would benefit.

Apollo hospitals Information center will complete its 10 years operations in June, 2024.

The AIC offices located at TRV centre on 3rd parklands avenue in Nairobi has worked as a bridge between Apollo hospitals group & patients seeking overseas treatment from Sub Saharan Africa.

Apollo hospitals information center has helped thousands of patients seeking overseas treatment at Apollo hospitals group in India. The AIC helps African patient to book appointment with Apollo hospitals based at New Delhi, Ahmedabad, Navi Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata & Chennai. Apollo hospitals group is a chain of 75 hospitals across India, 8 of its centers are JCI accredited.

As it’s core philosophy, Apollo hospitals group believes that every patient deserves undivided attention support and understanding and Apollo hospitals group remains deeply committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of the patients.

Dr. Ari Chacko has 30 years of experience in neurosurgery. He has concentrated on clinical neurosurgery with a focus on microsurgical removal of brain and spinal cord tumors as well as endoscopic removal of skull based tumors including pituitary adenomas. He is a pioneer in the refinement of awake surgeries for gliomas, microsurgical excision of intramedullary spinal cord tumors, vestibular schwannoma surgery for facial nerve preservations and in the maximal safe resection of craniopharyngiomas.

Dr. Chacko also has considerable experience in surgery for epilepsy including disconnection procedures such as the hemi spherotomy  for intractable hemisphere epilepsy. Dr. Chacko has a natural inclination towards interacting closely with colleagues in neurology, neuropathology, neuroradiology, radiation oncology, neurophysiology and endocrinology to provide comprehensive care to his patients.

Dr. Srinivas Chilukuri is a skilled and accomplished radiation oncologist who is also a highly sought after speaker in various oncology forums.

He has several first to his credit he was one of the first radiation oncologists in the Southeast Asia to develop expertise and experience in volumetric modulated arc therapy technique for pediatric and prostate cancers.

He has been the clinical lead for advanced radiation therapy school and has trained more than 200 radiation oncologists from the Indian subcontinent. He has received training in proton therapy from top proton centres of the world like Mayo Clinic Miami Cancer Institute and University of Maryland proton Cancer Center.

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