gamma knife surgery cost in Delhi

Gamma Knife Surgery Cost In Delhi India

The abnormalities of the brain can be effectively cured using radiation therapy. Going a bit further, stereotactic radiosurgery helps cure patients of brain tumors without spilling blood or incision. It is a neurosurgeons’ gift, as it helps them cure any level of cancer if it is under a controllable state for the patient.

High Quality Radio Surgery

The technique is in functionality for years at Apollo Hospital. In fact, they are the pioneers of the best gamma knife surgery in India. Having known about the best infrastructure facility at the hospital, this surgery has many advantages for the patients.

  • It is non – Invasive – Surgery without incision, No shaving of hair is required too.
  • Quick Remedy and Recovery – Patients after treatment can get back to normal life almost immediately.
  • Good Positive Results – 100% safe and no side effect treatment.
  • The only option of treatment – As in some cases, surgery is not possible for various reasons from age to sickness.
  • Quick Checkout from Hospital.

The best part of the treatment is the gamma knife surgery cost in Delhi; it is affordable and very reasonable.

Spend Less Money and Time with Effective Doctors

The conventional surgery at any hospital is 30 to 70% more than gamma knife surgery in Apollo Hospital. As this also makes the patient move out of the hospital soon, any extra admission fee and other diagnosis and testing fees can be avoided.

The well-trained doctors of the hospital take this treatment stage by stage for process easiness as well as patient comfort. Stage – I being the frame fixing, it requires expert support to fix it aptly. In order to reduce the discomfort of the patient, the local anesthetic is given.

Once this stage is passed, next is the imaging of the tissue to be treated. This is called diagnostic imaging. As the workforce is skilled, they shall get this done in minutes with the utmost precision. The planning is done digitally for the treatment and the last stage being the gamma knife treatment. Ideally, this happens within minutes.

World Class Infrastructure:

The above-mentioned tasks require high-quality infrastructure and highly skilled doctors which the hospital has. The procedure is actually painless, including the stage – I of the treatment. The gamma knife radiosurgery in India requires precise steps to be taken. As the patient remains awake during the treatment, the amicable doctors also keep them informed of the proceedings.

This treatment at the hospital is mostly outpatient procedure. First sitting shall be consulting and once the treatment day is fixed, the patient is expected to come over to the hospital for the surgery and leave in some time. There are only very rare cases, where the patients are required to stay overnight.

A completely safe method to treat brain tumors. The doctors suggest this lately for quick recovery and action. It is highly recommended for people of older age or with any other medical complications. The doctors decide the type of treatment based on the size and location of the lesion. This is discussed with the family members and the date is finalized for the treatment.

The highly effective doctors blended with top-class infrastructure help the hospital create happiness in the minds of the people. The best source of treatment is offered at an affordable price.

Disclaimer – This post is meant to create awareness about a treatment. This post is not meant to diagnose, treat or cure any disease.

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