Kenya's Medical Tourism Wave to India 80% Specialized Referrals- news

Kenya’s Medical Tourism Wave to India: 80% Specialized Referrals – News

In a revelation shedding light on Kenya’s healthcare landscape, the Apollo Hospitals Information Centre in Nairobi has emerged as a pivotal facilitator of medical tourism, particularly to India, for specialized treatments.

According to recent data spanning from 2021 to 2022, a total of 569 patients were sent abroad for specialized care during this period, with India being the predominant destination for most of these referrals. Notably, out of these referrals, a staggering 462 patients, accounting for approximately four out of every five, were directed to India, constituting an impressive 81.2 percent of the total referrals.

Kenya's Medical Tourism Wave to India: 80% Specialized Referrals

The most sought-after treatments abroad included open heart surgery, with 71 patients opting for this procedure, followed by stem cell replacements (44) and bone marrow transplants (29). Other notable treatments sought by Kenyan patients included kidney transplants (11), liver transplants (21), radiotherapy (26), and arterial switch operations (20). Additionally, 19 patients traveled abroad for medical evaluation, wellness checks, diagnosis, and alternative treatment options, while 17 sought chemotherapy treatments.

The diverse spectrum of treatments sought by Kenyan patients abroad underscores the equally diverse medical needs of individuals seeking healthcare beyond their borders. India has emerged as a preferred destination for medical referrals due to its perceived professional medical care offered at comparatively more affordable prices than other markets.

The Apollo Hospitals Information Centre in Nairobi, Kenya, serves as a crucial gateway for patients seeking specialized treatments abroad, facilitating seamless access to world-class healthcare services. This trend not only reflects the global reputation of Apollo Hospitals but also highlights Kenya’s role as a regional healthcare hub, catering to the diverse needs of patients from across the continent.

As Kenya continues to navigate its healthcare landscape, partnerships and collaborations between healthcare institutions both locally and internationally will play a pivotal role in addressing the healthcare needs of its population while also contributing to the growth of medical tourism in the region.

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