Tips for a healthy lifestyle

3 Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle

With time becoming an important commodity and the need to succeed at any cost the prime motive, health and healthy lifestyle has indeed gone for a toss.

Tips for Healthy Lifestyle

Tips for a healthy lifestyle
Making healthy habits part of your daily life means you’re less likely to get sick. Here are the tips for a healthy lifestyle

The demands of our profession includes late nights, it is not just the watchman who is keeping awake in the night….a student studying for his exams, a computer geek trying to crack a code, the BPO kids trying to prove their mettle, the surgeon operating on an emergency with his team of paramedics, everybody is at it. Add to this the stress of completing assignments on time, travel, improper time and unhealthy food. This lifestyle finally does take a toll on our mental and physical health.

No wonder we are seeing young patients visiting hospitals with cardiac problems, hypertension, strokes, diabetes, depression all these are in some way or the other linked to our lifestyles. I have started encountering the effects of this in my clinical practice also, every third patient of brain stroke I have seen in the last few years have been young people in their 30’s, this is an alarming trend.

There are few things which are absolute essentials for our body and mind and we need to give that to it for it to function optimally.

Here are quick 3 Tips for Healthy Lifestyle

Sleep. If you don’t get enough sleep in the night try to make up for it the next day, long periods of bad or inadequate sleep is harmful. If you have to travel long distances to reach your workplace use the time to get some sleep than playing games on the phone or listening to music.

Get regular exercise, 30 minutes atleast 4 times a week is recommended. Plus a run in the open under the sky with fresh air beating on your face is rejuvenating and a definite stress buster.

Avoid junk food; fruits are cheaper and way healthier. Smoking looks good only on screen and pan gutka not even on screen.

If you think about the next weekend on Monday mornings I feel you should think hard about getting yourself a new job. Try involving yourself in a profession that you like, and then you not only are more efficient but also enjoy work more.

While at work especially for people sitting on the computer for long hours it is worthwhile getting up every 1-2 hour for a quick stroll in the open, this not only reduces stress but also helps relax the neck and eye muscles.

Heartily thank you to the doctor for giving these tips for healthy lifestyle.

Dr. Sunil Kutty

Minimal Access Brain and Spine surgeon.

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