Bariatric Surgery in Delhi India

Bariatric/Weight Loss Surgery in Delhi India

Bariatric surgery meets a set of stomach reduction techniques to reduce weight. The procedure is done when physical activities no longer have an effect on the obese patient, requiring medical intervention. In addition, it is recognized by the Indian Medical Association.

So, if you are looking for the best bariatric surgery in Delhi, visit Apollo Hospital. But, before that, let us go through the basic aspects of bariatric surgery.

Who can do it?

Bariatric surgery is designed to treat obesity and diseases aggravated by the disease or associated with excess body fat. In general, Bariatric surgery in India is considered a safe treatment alternative for obesity.

According to the medical experts, surgery is indicated for patients with a body mass index (BMI) greater than or equal to 40 or a BMI between 35 and 40 with at least two related complications. The minimum age to perform the procedure is 16 years.

These are the types of Bariatric Surgery

Roux-en-Y gastroplasty –

Also known as Gastric Bypass. It decreases stomach capacity to 10%, restricting the amount of food ingested and diverting these foods to the first portion of the intestine. With it, the patient’s appetite is reduced practically without diarrhea and malnutrition, and diseases associated with obesity show rapid improvement.

Bile pancreatic bypass –

It is an association of Vertical Gastrectomy, with 85% of the stomach removed, with intestinal deviation. This deviation causes the food to come one way and the digestive juices come the other way. However, the advantage is that the technique allows greater food intake, reduces food intolerance and promotes greater weight loss.

Adjustable gastric band –

It is a silicone device placed at the beginning of the stomach. The advantage of the method is the fact that it is reversible, and a little invasive. It reduces mortality and allows individualized adjustments. On the other hand, there is a risk of prosthesis rejection or infection.

Exams to perform the surgery

According to the experts of Bariatric surgery in Delhi, the patient must perform a series of tests before starting the surgery. The exams are –

  • Digestive endoscopy.
  • Abdominal ultrasound.
  • Blood tests.
  • Pulmonary function test.
  • Chest X-ray.

How bariatric surgery is done?

After a complete evaluation of the patient’s health condition has been carried out, the professional in anesthesiology injects general anesthesia into the individual. Bariatric surgery can be done through large cuts, or by video laparoscopy.

In this second technique, the abdominal cavity is inflated with carbon dioxide to create space. Thus, the Bariatric surgeon in Delhi is able to perform the procedure with the aid of a video camera and special instruments and staplers.

Prices: is it affordable?

The price for carrying out the procedure varies considerably for each situation. In addition, the patient must undergo a series of tests before surgery, and each has a different price. Depending on the technique, bariatric surgery can last between an hour and a half and three hours. For those who have medical insurance, it is necessary to know what benefits and limitations the plan offers.

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Disclaimer- This post is meant to create awareness about a treatment. This post is not meant to diagnose, treat or cure any disease.

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